Year: 2017

A Day In The Amana Colonies – Iowa

Last weekend we took a trip to visit family in Iowa to celebrate retirement!  The weather was wonderful and on our way home, we decided to spend some time in the Amana Colonies.  Now, we have been through there many times over the years and even spent a few hours exploring one day.  But we had never really looked into the history of the colonies.  It was fascinating!  The group originally began in Germany in 1714 and emigrated to the US around 1843.

They first settled in New York, but outgrew the area and moved to this beautiful valley in Iowa!  It was a true communal society with strong Christian faith foundations!
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Getting Ready for Warm Weather and Exploring

We have been busy over last few weekends, So T and I have not been able to venture out and about. However we were able to pick up the cobra (Camper) and start getting it ready for some extended Cobra camperweekend explorations (Flea markets watch out – here we come). One of our thoughts is to travel down to La Clare, Iowa where the American Pickers Store is located.  We’ll see what we can find along the way. Not sure if we will get there via Northern Illinois or South Wisconsin, only God and the open road knows!  We will see once we get in the camper and start the engine.

This last weekend we were able to take some time and do some local picking close to home and helped a friend of ours clean out a storage unit. Which let us find some very nice things for the store. (Be Sure To Check Out The Shop Click Here)

Ca-boodles Make up train case

Some of the things we found were some silver spoons , A nice hand painted lantern, wall sconces, porcelain dolls, and some nice little knick knacks .

Wm Rodgers Silver Spoons

Cleaning out the storage for our friend was pretty much an all-day event on Saturday.  Then Sunday we went to a couple sales we found on Craigslist just east of where we live.


So in the near future I will have more share.  Until then, God Bless and Happy Hunting!

Saturday March 4th An Intrepid Trip

Gargantuan Barn Sale
Saturday, March 4th, 2017 

Tanya and I went on a day trip to some Estate Sales in the Watertown area of Wisconsin.  We started our day by stopping at one in the Madison – Monona area but were too early and they were giving out numbers – only letting 20 people in at a time.  So, since our number was 42, and have our eye on a larger sale out of town, we opted to move on. First stop was the Gargantuan Barn Sale just outside of Watertown, WI.  There were a wide variety of things to see in two levels of the barn as well as in the house.  It was a chilly day and we were glad for our layers of clothing as we wandered through the barn!  There were a couple of cedar chests that caught Tanya’s eye, but we decided against them.  I did find a very unique salt and pepper shaker set.  Look for it in our store!  We did not find much of anything else that jumped out and said: “Hey Take Me Home”. So we moved on and stopped for lunch at a wonderful cafe restaurant in Watertown called “Watertown Family Restaurant.” Continue reading “Saturday March 4th An Intrepid Trip”

Intrepid Collections

Dennis Cook
Intrepid Collections

We are so excited to start this new project. We have been Intrepid Explorers for a long time and love collecting old and new items that interest us.  It is our hope that some of our findings will interest you as well.  As we travel, we are always on the lookout for a craft show, flea market or just a roadside stand. We love exploring places we have not been and meeting the people who love to share their arts and crafts. It’s amazing what you can find and what some people can do with the things others consider junk.

Intrepid Collections is about just that – reusing the things that people want to part with. By reusing items we do a couple of things that benefit us and the earth. We get the joy of creating -taking an item that was used for something else and making it a whole new creation, reusing items, keeping them out of the land fills. And there is always the thrill of getting something we have wanted forever, at a price we now can afford. Many items, that people don’t want any longer, have a long life left in them. That makes it easier for others to enjoy and experience.

Intrepid Collections – We don’t just buy things to sell. We rescue Treasures to enjoy again and again.