Tweety and Silvester Cuckoo Clock


Incredible Motion, Actual Tweety & Sylvester Voices, with Realistic Cartoon Sound Effects, and has a Different Skit on every hour.
Watch the action as an odd couple of cartoons come to life in their very own fun cuckoo clock!

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Tweety appears at the door to greet each hour, then sneaks onto the roof to share the news with Sylvester the Cat.
Sylvester has a swinging tail with the clock’s pendulum. Motion, voices (including Tweety & Sylvester’s favorite comebacks), and sound effects are just a few of the features that will brighten each and every hour!
This animated clock talks, bongs, ticks, and if you want you can even make it silent at night. It has realistic cartoon sound effects with actual voices! You will think that you are listening to the real Sylvester and Tweety!

There are over 35 phrases

Sylvester’s tail hangs down with a Sylvester tail pendulum,
You’ll get to hear Tweety Bird tell Sylvester Lookout Puddy Tat! as he bonks him on the head with the mallet, then the clock will go BONG! and Sylvester will say, “Ouch!”; as his head shakes back and forth.

Think Tek has really done a good job of creating this one!
An Ultimate Conversation Time Piece!
Plus, this cuckoo clock includes silent and nighttime settings

This Tweety & Sylvester Animated Clock includes quartz movement for reliability!
(batteries not included)
Made of Plastic and Measures: Approx. 9″; W x 17″; H x 6″; D
Extremely Unique and an Ultra Rare Collectible Animated Talking Cuckoo Clock!

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

Think Tec




9"; W x 17"; H x 6"; D


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