Mehano HO 4-8-2 Steam locomotive “Great Northern Railroad”



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Mehano HO 4-8-2 steam locomotive. Made in Sylvania, in excellent running condition. The front cap to the engine is missing ( See Picture) but tender Is in excellent shape. Overall a nice addition with minor needs. (Missing Engine Front Cap)

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The Mehano HO 4-8-2 steam locomotive, also known as the “Great Northern Railroad,” is a powerful and iconic engine that helped to shape the history of American railroading. Built by the Swiss locomotive manufacturer Mehano in the 1950s, the 4-8-2 was a popular choice for railroads across the country, but it was on the Great Northern that it truly made its mark.

The 4-8-2 was a versatile locomotive that could handle both passenger and freight trains. Its four-cylinder design and large driving wheels gave it plenty of power to haul heavy loads over long distances. The Great Northern used its 4-8-2s on some of its most important routes, including the Empire Builder, which ran from Chicago to Seattle.

The 4-8-2 was also a reliable locomotive. It was known for its ability to stay in service for long periods without needing repairs. This made it a valuable asset to the Great Northern, which operated in some of the harshest weather conditions in the country.

Today, the Mehano HO 4-8-2 is a popular choice for model railroaders. Its classic lines and impressive performance make it a favorite among collectors and operators. Many model railroad manufacturers make HO scale models of the 4-8-2, including Mehano, Bachmann, and Athearn.

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile locomotive to add to your HO scale model railroad, the Mehano HO 4-8-2 is a great choice. It’s a classic engine that helped shape the history of American railroading and will provide you with hours of enjoyment.


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Preowned Good running condition has some missing parts, Shows sign of ware sold as-is. Please view pictures before prchase


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