Welcome to Intrepid Collections,

Why do we call us Intrepid Collections? My wife and I for many years have taken trips that we call intrepid explorations. Simple we would ask each other what do you want to do today. The answer would be let get in the car and go see what we can find find. Next where do you want to go? I don’t know pick a direction will see what happens. That is how we began taking what we call intrepid explorations. We would point in a direction and go always looking for something fun to see and do. We are both avid seeker of flee markets, craft shows, garage sales and estate sale. Love to go to Antique shops and stop at roadside stands. Our Intrepid exploration takes us all over the state of Wisconsin in to Illinois and as far as Texas, We love to explore.

What your going to find in our Shop is many of the items we find in our explorations. We hope you enjoy and return often. Our desire is to keep finding and sharing with you the fun we have and the items we find.

Intrepid Collections

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