Getting Ready for Warm Weather and Exploring

We have been busy over last few weekends, So T and I have not been able to venture out and about. However we were able to pick up the cobra (Camper) and start getting it ready for some extended Cobra camperweekend explorations (Flea markets watch out – here we come). One of our thoughts is to travel down to La Clare, Iowa where the American Pickers Store is located.  We’ll see what we can find along the way. Not sure if we will get there via Northern Illinois or South Wisconsin, only God and the open road knows!  We will see once we get in the camper and start the engine.

This last weekend we were able to take some time and do some local picking close to home and helped a friend of ours clean out a storage unit. Which let us find some very nice things for the store. (Be Sure To Check Out The Shop Click Here)

Ca-boodles Make up train case

Some of the things we found were some silver spoons , A nice hand painted lantern, wall sconces, porcelain dolls, and some nice little knick knacks .

Wm Rodgers Silver Spoons

Cleaning out the storage for our friend was pretty much an all-day event on Saturday.  Then Sunday we went to a couple sales we found on Craigslist just east of where we live.


So in the near future I will have more share.  Until then, God Bless and Happy Hunting!

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