Saturday March 4th An Intrepid Trip

Gargantuan Barn Sale
Saturday, March 4th, 2017 

Tanya and I went on a day trip to some Estate Sales in the Watertown area of Wisconsin.  We started our day by stopping at one in the Madison – Monona area but were too early and they were giving out numbers – only letting 20 people in at a time.  So, since our number was 42, and have our eye on a larger sale out of town, we opted to move on. First stop was the Gargantuan Barn Sale just outside of Watertown, WI.  There were a wide variety of things to see in two levels of the barn as well as in the house.  It was a chilly day and we were glad for our layers of clothing as we wandered through the barn!  There were a couple of cedar chests that caught Tanya’s eye, but we decided against them.  I did find a very unique salt and pepper shaker set.  Look for it in our store!  We did not find much of anything else that jumped out and said: “Hey Take Me Home”. So we moved on and stopped for lunch at a wonderful cafe restaurant in Watertown called “Watertown Family Restaurant.”  This was a site to see – the inside was like walking into an old village in the country, with a decor of vintage automobiles and tractors, high ceilings and barn like rafters. The wait staff

Water Town Family Restaurant

was very accommodating and friendly – so much so, that Tanya just had to write a review on Google!  The food was very good and it was just an all around wonderful atmosphere- relaxing and fun. So if you travel to Watertown, Wisconsin stop at the Watertown Family Restaurant and enjoy the decor and the food.

After lunch, we went on to another sale.  This was in a large building in the town of Waterloo heading back towards Madison. The Antique Mall was another fun and interesting place to explore, looking for that special treasure!  There were 3 floors of antiques of all sorts!
We did find a gossip chair and a small porcelain lamp to set on it.  Many of the items were priced fairly. A nice place to go for a day’s trip hunting treasures!

Our final stop was at an Estate Sale that even GPS had a hard time locating!  It was at a house tucked in a winding narrow road between houses stacked on top of each other around Marshall Mill Pond.  The home had been owned by a single gentleman who, it appeared, had lived there for quite a number of years.  Tanya found a set of three small pictures of train cars to decorate my man cave.  And I found a #17 collector’s pocket knife.

Waterloo Antique Mall

Well that was pretty much our day’s trip. We did not find much for the store. But we had a great time and saw some neat and interesting places and antiques.  Until our next trip, we encourage you to have a fun time and a blessed day. Get out and explore – see the things in your area you have not yet discovered.  You never know what treasure is waiting  for you just around the corner!

From Dennis and Tanya at Intrepid

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