Intrepid Collections

Dennis Cook
Intrepid Collections

We are so excited to start this new project. We have been Intrepid Explorers for a long time and love collecting old and new items that interest us.  It is our hope that some of our findings will interest you as well.  As we travel, we are always on the lookout for a craft show, flea market or just a roadside stand. We love exploring places we have not been and meeting the people who love to share their arts and crafts. It’s amazing what you can find and what some people can do with the things others consider junk.

Intrepid Collections is about just that – reusing the things that people want to part with. By reusing items we do a couple of things that benefit us and the earth. We get the joy of creating -taking an item that was used for something else and making it a whole new creation, reusing items, keeping them out of the land fills. And there is always the thrill of getting something we have wanted forever, at a price we now can afford. Many items, that people don’t want any longer, have a long life left in them. That makes it easier for others to enjoy and experience.

Intrepid Collections – We don’t just buy things to sell. We rescue Treasures to enjoy again and again.

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