Rivarossi Heisler Steam Locomotive

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Rivarossi Heisler Steam Locomotive St. Regis Paper Company #92 3-Truck Model HO Scale w/DCC Sound Decoder Model Train HR2948S

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Some History of Rivarossi

Early years (1945-1960s)

  • Founded in 1945 by Alessandro Rossi and Antonio Riva in Como, Italy.
  • Initially produced mostly O scale steam locomotives, but later expanded into HO scale.
  • Pioneered the use of die-cast metal for locomotive bodies, resulting in more accurate and durable models.
  • Introduced innovative features such as working headlamps, smoke generators, and articulated passenger cars.

Golden age (1970s-1980s)

    • Became a leading manufacturer of HO scale model trains, particularly known for its accurate European and American prototypes.
    • Produced a wide variety of locomotives, passenger cars, and freight cars, all with exceptional detail and running smoothness.
    • Won numerous awards for its models, including the prestigious Model Railroader “Best of Show” award on multiple occasions.

Expansion and acquisitions (1990s)

  • Acquired Lima (1992), Jouef (1997), and Arnold (1997), expanding its reach into other scales and markets.
  • Became one of the largest model train manufacturers in the world.

Challenges and restructuring (2000s-present)

    • Faced financial difficulties in the early 2000s due to increased competition and a decline in the model train market.
    • Went into receivership in 2003.
    • Assets were acquired by Hornby Railways in 2004.
    • Production moved to China.
    • Rivarossi brand continues to be used by Hornby, but the focus has shifted to more affordable models.


  • Rivarossi is considered one of the most important model train manufacturers of all time.
  • Its models are prized by collectors for their accuracy, detail, and running performance.
  • The company’s legacy continues to inspire current model train manufacturers to strive for excellence.

I hope this brief overview gives you a good sense of Rivarossi’s history and place in the world of model trains. If you’d like to learn more about a specific aspect of the company, please let me know.

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Rivarossi, an Italian manufacturer and now part of the Hornby Hobbies family of brands,



DCC Equipped

equipped 21 Pin Socket ESU LokSound 5.0 Decoder for Digital Circuits HO 1:87 and OO 1:76 Gauge railway layouts. Rivarossi locomotives and rolling stock feature knuckle couplers.


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