Super Weekend and Estate sale

Estate sales can be fun and exciting. Its not just finding items for your selves or to resell its the fun of being out with a purpose and seeing things that can some times be very interesting like this tea set we picked up at an estate sale in our home town Madison. The colors and the hand painting is just so fine and pretty. Its about being with others and enjoying the outing and in turn your helping a family with there needs. It maybe because someone has passed a way or there in a situation of need. 

What ever there reason its nice to be a part of it and in return you go home with something new and exciting. Your never really sure what your going to find. 


But it’s so much fun looking for those gems. Like this Cuckoo clock made in Germany With the dancers dancing to edelweiss. 

Some of the things we come across are unusual and unique. 

But most of all just fun to see what’s out there that people have been drawn to to put in there homes. But wanting to part with or the family find’s they have no need for them. 

Visit us often to see what new and if you are looking for something. Let us know if we see one will let you know. You can reach us through our contact page or just leave a comment here. 

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