2018 Vacation

A little Notation of our 2018 adventure to the Creation Museum.

A view from our living room area of the trailer overlooking a small lake pond in Effington Ill.

Early this summer we were able to take a 10-day vacation. So we hooked up the Camper and head out to Cincinnati Ohio to visit the creation museum (It was awesome) Our first stop was in Effingham Illinois. Where we stayed at this nice campground with a lake view.

We were able to walk down to the bank and relaxes from our first 5 hrs of driving. before making dinner and settling down and putting our feet up to watch a movie. In the morning we enjoyed the sunrise and coffee took our time made breakfast and then Brock camp for the trip to the creation museum which would be four hours across Illinois and Ohio. Once there we found a campground to park the camper and spend the evening checking out the area before turning in.

In the morning it was breakfast and then to the Creation Museum.

This is an amazing place, I recommend visiting the gardens are just awesome and pleasant to spend time in before even going into the museum. Once inside there is an amazing amount of history and displays that will take you forever to take in, but what fun it was to meander and read about things we take for granted in our biblical knowledge. Check out their youtube movie below.

We had an Awesome time here you should too Next, we moved on to The Ark experience

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